Sewn Goods

Hand Made

Everything created by The Craft Bug is comepletely made by hand (my hand, to be exact). Every project starts with the bare essentials; fabric (of your choosing if making a custom order), thread, notions, and my sewing machine. 

Easy Care

I pre-wash all of my fabric before sewing to avoid shrinking when put through the wash. Most items are made from 100% cotton and are safe to machine wash. I recommend all items be air dried. For items made from different materials, such as canvas or projects coated in beeswax for natural water repellant, I will provide special care instructions for every purchase. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If, for any reason at all, you are not satisfied with your custom order, (I.e. the fabric tore, the item does not feel or work the way you expected, etc.) I will be more than happy to work with you on how to resolve the issue. 

Custom Orders

1. Pick Your Product

The first step is to decide what item you would like to special order. Is it something you saw in my gallery or at a recent show I attended? Or is it something unique to your needs? All custom orders require $20 down. This will go towards the total amount of your purchase.

2. Choose Your Style

Next, you will need to agree on a color, pattern, fabric, and/or style for your custom order. I have a large selection of fabric and am more than happy to send samples. If I don't have anything that fits your fancy, you can either order the fabric online, or we can plan to meet at a public fabric store to find something that you will love!

3. Turn Around

When we have talked about your special order and developed a plan, I ask that you allow a week at minimum for product turn around. I am full time active duty military, so my sewing happens behind the scenes on my free-time. Larger (and multiple) orders will have a longer turn around time, although I vow to be as time efficient as possible.

4. Updates

While I am working on your special order, I will keep in contact with you throughout the process so that you know I am actively working on your project. I can even send pictures upon request!

5. Big Reveal

Once your order is complete, we can discuss delivery options. 

6. Reviews

After you have had time to use and enjoy your product, I ask that you please leave a review on Facebook, and feel free to include pictures of you using your custom sewn craft! 

Contact Me

Want to start a custom order? Email me for a consultation!

Even if you are not interested in a special order, but have an idea for a product you would like to share with me, please feel free to let me know!

The Craft Bug

Chesapeake, Virginia, United States